Tips on budget spending

With Christmas coming up, this is the time where people tend to spend a lot of money, sometimes on unwanted stuff. I myself am a impulse buyer, however at times I try to keep my spending under control using these tips.

  • Make a list of the items you need to buy and stick to that list
  • Go to the specific shop or aisle in a supermarket to buy the things you need. Less wandering around leads to less spending
  • Set yourself a spend limit/budget and try to keep a track of the things you put in your trolley or basket
  • If you still find it hard to stick to a spend limit, try taking with you limited cash or one debit/credit card so you know you can’t buy anything more than needed
  • Don’t buy something you don’t need or won’t ever use even if it is on offer
  • I’m not sure if this works for everyone but it works for me – I try not to be on the phone while shopping as I lose track of what I put in the basket. Only when I go to the checkouts I realise I have random items in my basket
  • If you are going food shopping,  do not go shopping on a empty stomach. I usually end up buying way more food (esp junk food) than I need if I shop on a empty stomach.
  • If I go to a supermarket to buy one or two items, I do not take a basket with me. Having my hand only to carry the items will stop me from buying extra, unplanned items.

These are the main tips I try to follow when I go shopping. I hope at lease one of these tips will help you shop better. Please leave a like or a comment if you found this post useful.



Autumn 🍃 🍂 

I moved house recently and new room meant new stuff. I love decorating my room but it is usually hard when on a budget. 

Moving house is such a pain. It took me three – four days to just pack the things in my room. However, it gave me a chance to declutter my belongings. I had so much unwanted things. I also had so much unused clothes stuck at the bottom of the cupboard. I ended up giving them to charity. 

I was also without Internet for nearly four days. It felt so weird. I read an actual newspaper after ages. It was like a social media detox. Anyways. Back to the Internet. 

My new room is now full of suitcases and boxes. I don’t want to even think of unpacking. 

However I got lovely views from my new room and these are some of the photos I took on my way home.

The beauty of Mother Nature. 

Starbucks red cups

I finally got my hands on the Starbucks red cups. I was tempted to go get a drink the day it came out but I stopped myself from becoming a coffee addict again.  According to me, the Starbucks red cups and its festive/Christmas menu are the official signs for the start of the festive period. My boyfriend and I are big Starbucks addicts and my favourite Christmas drink is the Eggnog Latte. I love the designs they have launched this year and it’s really nice to know that they are designs by Starbucks customers.

What make you guys feel Christmasy ?

#tbt Sri Lanka

I visited Sri Lanka last year for my cousin’s wedding. I was there only for ten days, however I was so in love with its nature. Sri Lanka is filled with natural wonders and beauty that my ten days there was not enough. I only got to see a couple of places and the photos I took there needed no filter at all. Living in a busy city like London, it was a really good break for me to go and enjoy nature. Here are a couple of the pictures I took using my iPhone only.

A cold November morning

Hey guys. I hope you are having a nice week. It is getting really cold here in London so I could not resist a Starbucks coffee. I am such a big Starbucks addict but I am trying to cut it down to having coffee once a week. I love my White Mocha. I also got to wear my new gloves and scarf that I had bought last week from Primark (details in a previous blog post). I just wandered around the city by myself today. I like to go out on my own when I have a bad day. It makes me feel better and happier.

Plaid on plaid. I wore a plaid shirt I got from New Look last year during the Boxing Day sales and my winter jacket. I paired it with my skinny jeans and my plaid scarf.

Casually drinking my Starbucks White Mocha. I can’t wait for the red cups to make an appearance. Anyone else excited/waiting for the red cups?

At times I like to fully button up my shirt. When I do that, I always wear a short necklace under the collars to give it a simple, fashionable statement. I got this necklace as a gift for my birthday.

Yummy food

Coming from a Tamil background, I enjoy my occasional dose of Sri Lankan and Indian food. My boyfriend and I went to visit a couple of friends in Hounslow today. While waiting for them we noticed a tiny little takeaway opposite Hounslow West underground station. It was called Harin Express. They had a variety of food at very good prices. The taste of the food was very impressive and so were the prices of the food. You could get 3 mutton rolls for £1 or 4 vadai for £1 (Sorry for no food photos – I gobbled up the food before realising I had to take photos them). The portion size of the meals were also great – it definitely filled me up. If I am ever back in that area, I would definitely go back there for more yummy Sri Lankan food.

Shopping at Primark with £10

As it is getting much colder here, I needed new gloves and some new socks. I usually buy my gloves from Primark as I always end up ripping it towards the end of winter. I usually set myself a spend limit whenever I go shopping as I tend to impulse-buy. Today I set myself a £10 budget at Primark as I just wanted some socks and gloves. However, I found some good deals that fit my budget. I bought myself a scarf, gloves and two packs of socks all in the £10 limit I set myself. I was quite proud of the purchase and can’t wait to wear them.

When it comes to gloves, I always buy the one that can be used on touch screens so I don’t have to remove them every time I need to text. Got these gloves for £1.

I am such a scarf lover. I have a huge collection of scarves at home, yet I buy one every time I see a nice, comfortable one. I also love anything plaid. This scarf was £4. It’s quite long and wraps around very well.

Most of my socks are either white or black. So I bought these colourful ones to add a bit of colour to my socks box. They were £2.50 each.