Shopping at Primark with £10

As it is getting much colder here, I needed new gloves and some new socks. I usually buy my gloves from Primark as I always end up ripping it towards the end of winter. I usually set myself a spend limit whenever I go shopping as I tend to impulse-buy. Today I set myself a £10 budget at Primark as I just wanted some socks and gloves. However, I found some good deals that fit my budget. I bought myself a scarf, gloves and two packs of socks all in the £10 limit I set myself. I was quite proud of the purchase and can’t wait to wear them.

When it comes to gloves, I always buy the one that can be used on touch screens so I don’t have to remove them every time I need to text. Got these gloves for £1.

I am such a scarf lover. I have a huge collection of scarves at home, yet I buy one every time I see a nice, comfortable one. I also love anything plaid. This scarf was £4. It’s quite long and wraps around very well.

Most of my socks are either white or black. So I bought these colourful ones to add a bit of colour to my socks box. They were £2.50 each.


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