Tips on budget spending

With Christmas coming up, this is the time where people tend to spend a lot of money, sometimes on unwanted stuff. I myself am a impulse buyer, however at times I try to keep my spending under control using these tips.

  • Make a list of the items you need to buy and stick to that list
  • Go to the specific shop or aisle in a supermarket to buy the things you need. Less wandering around leads to less spending
  • Set yourself a spend limit/budget and try to keep a track of the things you put in your trolley or basket
  • If you still find it hard to stick to a spend limit, try taking with you limited cash or one debit/credit card so you know you can’t buy anything more than needed
  • Don’t buy something you don’t need or won’t ever use even if it is on offer
  • I’m not sure if this works for everyone but it works for me – I try not to be on the phone while shopping as I lose track of what I put in the basket. Only when I go to the checkouts I realise I have random items in my basket
  • If you are going food shopping,  do not go shopping on a empty stomach. I usually end up buying way more food (esp junk food) than I need if I shop on a empty stomach.
  • If I go to a supermarket to buy one or two items, I do not take a basket with me. Having my hand only to carry the items will stop me from buying extra, unplanned items.

These are the main tips I try to follow when I go shopping. I hope at lease one of these tips will help you shop better. Please leave a like or a comment if you found this post useful.



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