New Year resolutions

Happy New Year 2017 in advance. I’m sure many of you would be making many resolutions and will be trying hard to stick to them. Mine for the last few years have been to eat clean and exercise more. Of course I get off to a good start and then it is downhill from there. However, this year I won’t be making any resolutions. I have also decided that when I am mentally and physically ready to start exercising and eating clean, that is when I will set my goals. Until then no more money wasted on gym memberships and one week spells of clean eating and exercising.

2016 had been bit of a unhappy year for me. Many things did not go as planned and many things either surprised me or shocked me. I hope 2017 is a better year for me and everyone out there.

What resolutions have you guys made? Good luck everyone.



Festive season recap

With the year coming to a close, I decided to do a quick recap of the festive season. Even though this year has been stressful and depressing for me, December turned out to be a happy one. It was a lovely season despite not having enough days off to enjoy it. Probably it was the Christmas vibes everyone was in that turned December into a positive month. December started off with not one but two Advent calendars due to a miscommunication between me and my boyfriend. Anyways, the more chocolates the better 🙂 . I got to visit two Christmas markets – the one by the Southbank Centre and the one in London Bridge. Christmas markets always put me in the Christmas spirit no matter what. I got to spend my first Christmas with my boyfriend which made it even more special. I am grateful for the gifts I receive and will always be. I only wished it snowed this year in London as it would have been a lovely addition to this lovely festive period. I am soon going to miss the red Starbucks cups and their festive drinks menu. It’s back to my regular coffee order soon.

Hope you guys had a lovely 2016 – cherish the good memories and move on to a even better 2017. Let us all hope for only the best to happen in 2017. Take care.

Here are some photographic memories of my festive season.



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a lovely day and receive a lot of gifts. Spend quality time with your family. Put down your phones and tablets and start up a conversation in real time. Greet people in person if possible instead of just sending text messages. 

Take care and God bless

Christmas market – London Bridge

I’ve heard quite a lot about the Christmas market at London Bridge called the Christmas By The River. I finally got some free time today, so I popped down by the market to have a look around. It is a lovely Christmas market by The Thames and The Hayward Gallery. It had a good mix of food stalls, gifts stall and winter wear stalls. What says Christmas markets more than German bratwurst (German sausages). I went for the Kase Bratwurst which is bratwurst filled with cheese. It costed £6 but it was a huge portion for me so I shared it with my friend.

There was another stall called the Y.T.Patisserie which sold crepes, brownies and macarons. I’m a big fan of macarons so I had to make a stop there. Each macaron costed £1 and you could get them in a bauble for 80p extra which would make cute little gifts for macaron lovers. I got the pistachio and hazelnut flavours and they were fantastic.

This Christmas market is up till the 3rd of January 2017, so if you are ever around the London Bridge area, do make a stop at these stalls to find lovely food and gifts.

More information at:


Shopping for my room on a budget

Having moved house recently, I had to do a bit of shopping for my room. It is not very easy shopping on a budget for room stuff. I had to do a lot of research to buy good quality, affordable items.

I bought my bed sheet and pillow cases from Wilko when they were on offer. I usually go for 100% brushed cotton bedding products as they are more gentle on my dry skin.
I got a pair of pillowcases in Pink for £2.50 and the single bed sheet in cream for £5. It was a bargain especially for brushed cotton products.
I bought my double duvet cover bedding set from Argos as Wilko was out of stock for the colour I was looking for. I also bought a laundry basket from Argos for £4.99 as my old one was already in pieces (

I needed small baskets to organise my creams and body sprays. I found really affordable and good quality baskets in Lakeland. They were the perfect size and it was exactly what I was looking for at £1.99 each. I’m in love with these baskets and I do recommend it.—Grey

I promised myself that I would organise my clothes in a better way instead of in a huge heap in my cupboard. So I am searching for good clothes organisers and under-bed storage. These details would be up in my next post.

Christmas market – Southbank Centre Winter Festival

Another thing that makes me feel all festive and happy is when I go to Christmas markets. I have been going to the Christmas market along the South Bank Centre/River Thames for the last three years and I have been loving it. This time my sweet tooth was craving for some pancakes. I quickly spotted this stall called ‘The Dutch Pancakes’ and went straight to it. Their pancakes were so tasty that I didn’t mind waiting in line for nearly five minutes. They were the fluffiest mini pancakes I have ever eaten. It costs £4.5o for 12 mini pancakes sprinkled with icing sugar and one topping. Any additional toppings costs 50p each while fruit toppings costs £1.50 each. My boyfriend, for someone who isn’t a great fan of sweet stuffs, really enjoyed it too. I would definitely go back to have some more if I had the chance to.

My favourite chips – The Frenchie

I love my chips/french fries and I usually crave them at random times of the day. I visited the Southbank Centre Food Market recently where I saw a food stall called ‘The Frenchie’. On their menu I saw that they serve hand cut chips double fried in duck fat served with the optional truffle mayonnaise. I was instantly tempted and bought myself a portion. They are £3 a portion and I was extremely glad I tried them. They are the best chips I have had in my entire life. I have tried chips from many other places, but The Frenchie has yet to be beaten, according to me. They also serve duck confit burger which I am dying to try on my next visit.

Southbank Centre Food Market (nearest station: London Waterloo) are open Friday – Sunday

More details about The Frenchie at

If you guys have any suggestions about places where you think that serves the best chips/french fries, please do leave a comment below so I can try them out. Thanks.

If you do try these chips and love it, please do let me know 🙂