My favourite chips – The Frenchie

I love my chips/french fries and I usually crave them at random times of the day. I visited the Southbank Centre Food Market recently where I saw a food stall called ‘The Frenchie’. On their menu I saw that they serve hand cut chips double fried in duck fat served with the optional truffle mayonnaise. I was instantly tempted and bought myself a portion. They are £3 a portion and I was extremely glad I tried them. They are the best chips I have had in my entire life. I have tried chips from many other places, but The Frenchie has yet to be beaten, according to me. They also serve duck confit burger which I am dying to try on my next visit.

Southbank Centre Food Market (nearest station: London Waterloo) are open Friday – Sunday

More details about The Frenchie at

If you guys have any suggestions about places where you think that serves the best chips/french fries, please do leave a comment below so I can try them out. Thanks.

If you do try these chips and love it, please do let me know 🙂


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