Shopping for my room on a budget

Having moved house recently, I had to do a bit of shopping for my room. It is not very easy shopping on a budget for room stuff. I had to do a lot of research to buy good quality, affordable items.

I bought my bed sheet and pillow cases from Wilko when they were on offer. I usually go for 100% brushed cotton bedding products as they are more gentle on my dry skin.
I got a pair of pillowcases in Pink for £2.50 and the single bed sheet in cream for £5. It was a bargain especially for brushed cotton products.
I bought my double duvet cover bedding set from Argos as Wilko was out of stock for the colour I was looking for. I also bought a laundry basket from Argos for £4.99 as my old one was already in pieces (

I needed small baskets to organise my creams and body sprays. I found really affordable and good quality baskets in Lakeland. They were the perfect size and it was exactly what I was looking for at £1.99 each. I’m in love with these baskets and I do recommend it.—Grey

I promised myself that I would organise my clothes in a better way instead of in a huge heap in my cupboard. So I am searching for good clothes organisers and under-bed storage. These details would be up in my next post.


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