Festive season recap

With the year coming to a close, I decided to do a quick recap of the festive season. Even though this year has been stressful and depressing for me, December turned out to be a happy one. It was a lovely season despite not having enough days off to enjoy it. Probably it was the Christmas vibes everyone was in that turned December into a positive month. December started off with not one but two Advent calendars due to a miscommunication between me and my boyfriend. Anyways, the more chocolates the better 🙂 . I got to visit two Christmas markets – the one by the Southbank Centre and the one in London Bridge. Christmas markets always put me in the Christmas spirit no matter what. I got to spend my first Christmas with my boyfriend which made it even more special. I am grateful for the gifts I receive and will always be. I only wished it snowed this year in London as it would have been a lovely addition to this lovely festive period. I am soon going to miss the red Starbucks cups and their festive drinks menu. It’s back to my regular coffee order soon.

Hope you guys had a lovely 2016 – cherish the good memories and move on to a even better 2017. Let us all hope for only the best to happen in 2017. Take care.

Here are some photographic memories of my festive season.




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