Tips on organising a small room

Now that all the festivities have finished, I finally got some time to fully unpack and arrange my new room. I am going to share with you a few organisation tips for a small room that I have used. I have an average sized student room and I usually love to organise things and everything to have its place. My next post will include the things that I bought to organise my room.

  • One good way of making a small room look spacious is by having few things on the floor. The more floor you can see gives you the feeling that you have a spacious room. Having more free space and less things to bump into on the floor allows you to move around easier making it feel bigger.
  • Make use of under bed space. If you have under bed storage space, then use it efficiently. Keep out of season items, suitcases and things you use less frequently under your bed. This gives you more floor space in your room. Using under bed storage also makes it look neater instead of making it look you shoved random items under your bed.
  • Store out of season clothes and accessories separately in a suitcase or vacuum bags. This gives you more space in your cupboard, so you can use your in-season clothes and accessories to the maximum.
  • Have separate storage boxes for socks and undergarments so they are not left lying around or in one heap in the cupboard. Try to not just dump clothes in the cupboard but to try and neatly fold them in.
  • If you have a cupboard with only a hanging rail, hang your most used coats and clothes first. If you have many scarves, try to use a scarf hanger as they all can be stored in one place. If you have space at the bottom, use storage boxes to organise and store the rest of your clothes. This prevents it from ending up in a huge heap at the bottom of the cupboard. Trust me, it has happened to me.

These are my organisation tips for now. I will write up another post soon with more organisation tips. 


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