Valentine’s Day on a budget – Part 2

Hi guys. This is Part 2 of my Valentine’s Day on a budget post. If you haven’t checked out Part 1, you can do so here. As I mentioned in Part 1, these tips usually suit those couples who have been married/in a relationship for a longer period of time as there will be an understanding as to why you are celebrating a Valentine’s Day on a budget. Usually those new-in a relationship tends to find this day as a day to showcase their love and buy lavish gifts. Anyway here a two more budget tips.

  • Check out voucher websites

As mentioned in my first tip in Part 1, there is no shame in using voucher codes or coupons to pay your bill. If you both understand that you got to save money for future goals/purchases, it will definitely be OK. However, make sure that your code is valid to use on Valentine’s as some restaurants exclude certain days. Some loyalty card companies also offer deals to turn your points into vouchers to pay for your meal or for romantic days out. Look out for such emails or check out their websites to help you get these vouchers.

For example –

Tesco’s is currently doing an offer with its Clubcard points. Check out this link.

Many voucher code websites also offer fantastic discounts on chocolates and flowers. Buying such things online is another way to save money. Just by doing a quick Google search, you will be able to find such deals.

Food for thought – do you really need to buy that huge bouquet and a box of chocolates to impress your partner? Trust me, the prices of those bouquets literally get slashed to half price the next day and I have seen so many men buy the reduced priced bouquets. However, it is your call, if you think that it is within your budget, go ahead and buy them at regular price. If you think that chocolates and flowers are not that important, you could save that money and buy a gift that your partner will actually like and cherish for a longer period of time. Chocolates and flowers are short-lived gifts so why not buy them a gift that will last longer.

  • DIY it

If you think you are good at DIYs, then this is a right time to give it a go. Instead of buying expensive cards or gifts, you could try to make a card yourself. You could get cheap art and craft materials from pound shops or stationeries and create a card of your choice. You could personalise it as you want and include your own personal message.

You could also follow easy DIY gift tutorials on YouTube to give a handmade gift to your partner. They will appreciate the time, effort and thought you put in that gift and it is also a sign of affection. They will probably cherish it more than any store bought gift. You know your partner best, so you only know what to get them.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way to help to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. Have a wonderful one guys. Take care.


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