Post-Valentine’s Day sales tips

Now that all the hype of Valentine’s Day has gone by, it is the start of the Post-Valentines’s Day sales. Now is the right time to buy those discounted flowers, chocolates and other VDay themed items you had your eyes on.

  • If you regularly buy flowers for your home or would just like to decorate your room, now is the right time to buy those big bouquets of flowers as they are literally half price or less. Most stores and supermarkets will be reducing the prices as they will be looking to sell off all their Valentine’s Day flowers and stock quickly. So go get them before they are all gone.
  • It is also the right time to buy chocolates. You could buy discounted chocolates and stock them up if you have any occasions coming up. Easter is also less than two months away so you could give them away as gifts (that is if the chocolates last that long at your house). However, do we really need a reason to buy chocolates 😀 . If you think that heart-shaped chocolates cannot be given as gifts, you could buy milk or dark chocolates and use them in recipes that need them – like in muffins or cookies.
  • Similar to my Post-Christmas sales tip, Valentine’s Day themed wrapping papers and gift bags can be bought at discounted prices. You can stock these up as wrapping paper that has hearts on or other love messages can also be used on gifts for anniversaries, loved ones birthdays or generally any gifts to your loved ones. If they are plain red, pink or white/cream in colour, it is more versatile as they could be used to wrap gifts for a little girl’s birthday or for Easter/Christmas gifts. The same goes for gift bags.
  • Last but not least, anything Valentine’s Day themed will be on sale. I had my eye on a couples heart and arrow key chain when it came in store for VDay. It was priced at £4. However, I knew the price would go down and so I waited and bought them today for £1. It may not seem much of a difference to others but saving £3 is a big thing for me. Now I have the heart key chain and my boyfriend has the arrow key chain. Many mugs and plates are also on sale – maybe stock up on those as well.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Take care and have a nice day,


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