Product review – Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

Couple of weeks ago I bought the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask after seeing it everywhere. I bought it for 99p from Boots when it was on sale.

The description on the product states

Super-hydrating revitalising mask 

  • Intensely rehydrates skin
  • Reduces the look of fine lines
  • Revives radiance

Since it was extremely cold for a week in London I thought to give my skin some pampering. I have oily/combination skin and usually my face looks dehydrated after a going out in the cold weather. I was also ill for a couple of days so an intense hydration for my skin was needed.

When I first put it on, it sat on my face well and did not slide off. It contained a lot of serum that I thought it would slide off my face when I stood up – but it didn’t. I didn’t also have a problem with the shape or size of the mask as it fit me quite well and didn’t have much overlapping layers. I felt this nice, cold, tingling sensation on my face, so I thought that the product must be working.

After the stated 15 minutes, I took it off. The mask was still moist and there was quite some serum on my face. I just massaged it into my face and left it there to dry before going to bed.

The next day I saw that my skin looked plumper and radiant. But as the days got on I felt that the oily parts of my face were a bit more oily. So the mask has worked and given me hydration and plumpness. However, I felt that the oily zones of my face got more oily/hydrated that it felt a bit sticky. But the hydration lasted a good few days.

This mask would world well with normal or dry skin however not so much with my oily/combination skin. I would stick to using it only during the harsh, cold winter months when my skin is really dry. I have also seen some reviews that it was harsh on some sensitive skin people. So please do be careful if you have sensitive skin.


Hope you guys found this post useful. Take care.


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