Affordable healthy snacks to try

I decided to have more healthy snacks this year and I have so far successfully stuck to it. I have cut down on crisps, salted snacks and cookies and made way for more healthy snacks. You could have three healthy meals a day, but unknowingly you may add unwanted calories, sugar or salt to your body in the form of sneaky snacks you have between meals.

Sometimes healthy snacks can be expensive, so I tried to compile a list of affordable snacks. Being the lazy student as I am, I also try to find snacks that are easy to make and eat. These are ones that I have tried to snack on when I feel peckish.

  • Bananas or Apples – you can get organic bananas and apples at really affordable prices from most shops.
  • Unsweetened yogurt or Greek yogurt – I usually buy the unsweetened ones to avoid unwanted added sugar. This gives me more control over the sugar that goes in my yogurt. I usually sweeten it with natural honey.
  • Clementines/Easy peelers – mainly because I don’t want to cut up an orange and then eat it.
  • Plain almonds – I usally buy the pre-portioned packets of nuts to stop me from eating a full packet of almonds or cashews in one sitting. Smaller packs also make it easier to have it on the go. You could also buy the bigger packs and make smaller ones at home. It can be much cheaper that way.
  • Popcorn without any added butter or salt/sugar – not the microwaveable ones. You could either make them at home or buy the healthier air-popped popcorn packs.
  • Nut butter and rice cakes –  I love my nut butters, whether it be peanut, almond or cashew. To stop me from going overboard with the nut butter, I stick to two tablespoons each day. If I am on the go, I just take with me the nut butter pouches that are available in most shops these days. I either go for Meridian (100% peanuts) or Pip and Nut (98% peanuts and sea salt) and they have no added sugar.

I buy most of my snacks other than the fruits from Holland and Barrett as they are mostly affordable and they usually have good offers regularly, such as the ‘Buy one get one half price’ happening right now. During such offers I tend to stock up on my essential snacks to help me save money. Why pay full price when you know it will go on offer 🙂 I don’t know what I’ll do without a Holland and Barrett.

I don’t have an Asda nearby. But when I come across one, I pop in to buy some snacks from them as well.


Hope you guys found this post useful. Take care




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