Affordable place to eat in London – Kokoro

Recently I came across this restaurant called ‘Kokoro – sushi + bento‘ near Wimbledon train station. Since I wanted a change in my lunch, I went to check it out. They provided affordable and good quality Oriental food. They had a large selection of hot and cold food as well as some drinks. The hot food had two size portions – regular and large.

I chose the regular portion size and I was very happy with how generous the portion size was for under £6. Most food options are under £8. I went for the ‘Sweet and Chilli Chicken’ with rice option. They also do a noodles option if you are not a fan of rice. The ‘Sweet and Chilli Chicken’ was excellent with the right amount of sweet and chilli. Some food places overdo the sweetness which spoils the whole meal. But Kokoro’s Sweet and Chilli was the perfect blend of both spices.

Having a good first experience with Kokoro, I decided to go in for lunch again. This time I went for the regular ‘Chicken Katsu Curry’. Once again I was really happy about how generous they were with the chicken with decent amount of curry sauce. The next time I go, I would probably try the ‘mix and match’ option and go for two different curries with rice.

It is a really quick and convenient food place to go for lunch with good quality, fresh and affordable food. I would recommend it to anyone who likes Oriental food. They have around 12 stores around England. If you want a quicker lunch, they also serve sushi, gyoza, salad and soup.

The Wimbledon store is more of a takeaway type format with limited seating. There is usually a queue during lunch hours; however they do serve food quite quick so there isn’t much of a wait for food.

Do let me know if you try out Kokoro and your feedback on it. 

Have a nice day!


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