Food market in London – Borough Market


I had recently visited Borough Market as I had heard so much about it and had been finding the time to visit it. It is located in Southwark near London Bridge station and is one of the oldest markets in London. They have a large variety of stalls from fresh fruits and vegetables to burgers and ethnic foods. They also sell fresh meat, fish and cheese in the market.

I first tried out the scotch eggs from ‘Scotch Tails’. This was the first time I tried freshly made scotch eggs and it was love at first sight. The meat was so flavourful and the crust was very crispy. They serve just the eggs on salad or as a meal deal with scotch eggs and sweet potato chips.
I then tried the Chicken Pad Thai from ‘Khanom Krok’. It was nice but I wish they had fried the chicken a bit further to give it more flavour. However, this is more of a personal taste and not everyone may agree with me. I wanted to try their Coconut Pancakes but I couldn’t as I didn’t want to break my spending limit and I still had to buy dessert/sweets.


I then went to the sweets stall where they sold baklava, Turkish sweets and roasted and caramelised nuts. I bought some baklava and called it a day. I loved walking around the market and finding new treats for me to try. It was a lovely experience and since I went when it was quiet, I was able to see what each stall had to offer.


If anyone is looking to try rare meat burgers, Borough Market is the place to be. ‘The Exotic Meat Company’ in the market serves ostrich burgers and kangaroo burgers. I haven’t tried them but I have seen many people trying it.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Take care.



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