Pizza Storm – new favourite pizza place

I love finding and visiting new food places that are within my budget. One such find was a pizza place in London Wandsworth called Pizza Storm. You have two options there – choose a pizza from their menu or create your own pizza with a choice of over 50 toppings. The restaurant has a lovely environment and interior and the ordering system is quite interesting. You could create your own pizza with unlimited toppings for £8.45 or choose one from the menu for £7.45. All their pizzas are 11 inches and are stone baked. They also have a good selected of sides and drinks to go with the pizza. They do a couple of meal deals which are so worth the money. My boyfriend and I visited the place when they newly opened in Wandsworth and had the £15 meal deal. However, their meal deals change regularly so it is better to check their website before you go.

For £15 we got– 2 pizzas, 1 side and 2 drinks. It is one of the best meal deals I have come across. I will definitely go back there as their pizzas are so tasty and so worth the prices. They have only two restaurants – one in Newcastle and the other in London Wandsworth. If you guys are around these areas I do recommend you to check them out.


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