Hi there. My name is Rosie. This blog is named RSquared because my first and last name starts with the letter R (RSquared or R– the little Maths geek in me helped me create this name).

Ever since meeting my boyfriend I started to come out of the shell I’ve always been in throughout my life.I had always wanted to explore and learn new things, however I was scared to do things on my own. Of course I was a broke student when we started going out, so we tried to do things that we could afford. I live in London and it could be an expensive city for many students. We tried to find places to eat or visit that we could afford. Having started exploring, I thought of documenting it in one place so others could find it useful.

This blog will consist of budget places where we ate or visited and it will also consist of fashion and beauty created using affordable items. I will also include reviews of places visited and products used. It will also consist posts about tips and motivations to keep you going through life. Of course everyone’s budget is different. Our budget is of two university students who work part time jobs at a supermarket.

Before I end, here is a little disclaimer.

As with all personal blogs, all images and opinions are of my own and I hope I do not offend anyone. Please do not copy or reproduce any content without giving me credit or linking back to my blog.

I have purchased most of the products discussed in this blog, unless otherwise stated. All prices and data are for informational purposes only and may not be up to date or correct after the published date. Opinions and reviews of food and products discussed in this blog have been suitable for me, however please do make sure that they are also suitable for you. I am not responsible for any risks taken.